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Mandriva 2008 Spring

April 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Mandriva 2008 Spring

Well I downloaded mandriva 2008 spring “1” edition a few days ago and finally was able to inst

all it  yesterday after i borowed my roomie’s laptop for writing dvd. Well while installing i was installing in gui interface and hoped that fglrx and compiz would work fine as it did for one my friends who was using KDE live cd.

After installing (it took 2 hrs for complete disk copy + install) and  booting in to it I was disappointed by the lack of compiz and as it happened the fglrx package wasnt even present in the DVD packages ( WHY IS IT PRESENT IN A LIVE CD!!!).

Real Player 11 gave it floating point error while trying to play mp3 files ( not in fedora 8)

Though for a 4.35 gb dvd it had many useful packages and good bootloader i cant say i really enjoyed it  ..

Still on the positive side its package downloading is faster than yum.

Recommended for linux beginners .

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