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Download Accelerators For Linux

May 16, 2008 Leave a comment
    Download Accelerators For Linux

1)Axel : Download from current version = 1.1

Simple command line downloader.

Simple GUI using Zenity:


url=`zenity --title="Axel " --text="Enter url" --entry`
user=`zenity --title="Axel " --text="Enter username" --entry`
pass=`zenity --title="Axel " --text="Enter password" --entry`

axel http://"$user":"$pass"@"$url" 

Remember url shud not have “http://”

ps: if you don’t want user name password


url=`zenity --title="Axel " --text="Enter url" --entry`

axel "$url"

Here url needs “http://”

2)Aria2: command line download client which supports resuming and segmented downloading