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Fedora 9 rocks !!!

Well am writing this post from fedora 9 and least to say it rocks !!!

The major fixes inculude pirut being replaced by Package Kit which consumes less memory (phew i can still remember yum directly consuming about 200 MB of precious ram) and has a faster download rate (yipee i don’t have to use smart anymore). A lot of security upgrades such as mounting lock giving access to root / sudoers only.

-A seperate bootloader option ( to view only + change boot time.)

-Gnome 2.22

– Ahhhh direct graphical boot for my ati 1250 express radeon chipset (though no default working 3d effects)

-Default games pretty much same (ok its not that i can beat the comp in chess !!)

– Firefox 3 beta 5 default browser much faster than 2 consumes less memory .

-Lot more but go read it yourself in the documentation !! (see install pics though)

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